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Gets entries (posts, pages, attachments) from the database by specified criteria. You can select any posts and sort them any way you want.

This is a wrapper for the WP_Query class, i.e. the function understands all WP_Query parameters.

Get_posts() has preset parameters. These sometimes need to be changed so that they don’t interfere with the desired result. Preset parameters:

  • post_type = post — if we specify the taxonomy output for a record type other than post, then the post_type parameter should be changed — by default it is post.
  • numberposts = 5 — If we forget to change the numberposts parameter, we may wonder why only 5 records are displayed instead of the necessary 20.
  • suppress_filters = true — this parameter disables some filters (hooks).

get_posts() is an analog of query_posts(). The difference is that get_posts() does not interfere with WP global query, but creates a separate instance of WP_Query class.


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